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Welcome to the RaZeN Gaming Apex Division!

Here we are always up for both casual and ranked games, so if your looking to chill out and have a laugh, hop on to one of the voice channels! No matter how hot and heavy it gets in-game though, we stay respectful to one another.

In our Division we run weekly to monthly events for it's members, so keep an eye for announcements. It's a great opportunity for new members to meet everyone in the division, get familiar and make new friends.

If you are looking to find new people to play with and not just play with "randoms everyday" there is no better place to start rather than in RaZeN. We do not have any specific skill requirements at RaZeN, you can join if you're new!
We also support all regions, but our main player base is EU & NA.

Our division is managed and ran by staff. Probably wondering what staff people actually do? Staff makes sure we have safe and friendly environment where anyone can play, runs events for its members and addresses any questions you might have about Seismic or the game.

Apex Legends Staff



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