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House Rose

Welcome to the Call of Duty Division!

Here in the Call of Duty division we are always up for a good time in Multiplayer, custom matches and even Warzone! If you like playing in a chilled out and relaxed environment then look no further as you wont find a better place than here!

We are a CASUAL and COMPETITIVE clan. This isn't a place for only high skill people. Its a place for all skills to come and chill playing cod with friends. Nothing more nothing less.

In Our Division,
We host weekly events for it's members and they are probably the best reason for you to join us, everyone has a great time from "Saturday night Drinking Games" to 20 people playing on a gunfight map where its "headshots" only, there is something for everyone.

Call of Duty Staff
Our division managed and ran by staff, probably wondering what the staff actually does? Staff make sure we have safe and friendly environment where anyone can play, run events for its members and make sure we have an active environment so there is always people to play with.

Any questions that you want to ask open up a support ticket in our discord server
You can message any of the staff below:

Your Division Officers:



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