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About RaZeN

What are we?

RaZeN clan is focusing on the ranking base as if the Army, we have ranks in which members have to work their way up the chain of command in order to be able to achieve the highest rank. 

The higher the rank the higher level of respect you achieve. Groups of members will have leaders assigned in order to organize and coordinate events and weekly tasks.

The word Razen was inspired as the name to our clan in which it's original word translates in Dutch-English as (Wind, Storms etc) to be violent, to blow with great force.


More About Us

Dedicated to the Game

Join Me PeNnY777 and my buddies in a journey as we start a new clan Razen. Have big plans for the group and we invite you to hang out and join us on Twitter, Discord, YouTube and on the Warzone!

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